Why Communicate With Your Pet

There are many reasons to communicate with your pet.

Here are some of the common ones:

  • To find out how your pet is doing. Are they happy. Do they want something.
  • If a new behavior has started that you don’t understand, this will give them the opportunity to tell you what’s going on.
  • When you are making a life change. Moving, adding a pet, adding a baby.
  • Simply see if they have something they want to communicate to you or you to them.
  • During an illness or after surgery to find out how they are feeling, are they suffering and if they need anything.
  • To ease anxiety about going to the Vet.
  • To find out if your dog is in pain or suffering if they are showing symptoms. This is in no way to replace Vet care. Sometimes this is helpful in determining where it hurts or what is bothering them.
  • To help foster or rescue animals recover from their past and feel comfortable in their new home.
  • To find out what is causing a behavioral problem so it can be addressed.
  • To find out if your pet is suffering and ready to pass on.


Does Pet Communication Solve All Behavioral Problems

I can address all behavioral issues. But ultimately it is up to the pet and the owner. The pet has to be agreeable to the change and the owner must be willing to work with the pet in a way that works for the pet.

Animal communication is not guaranteed to resolve all behavioral problems. Sometimes you just need to find out why the pet is exhibiting the behavior. Once you understand why they are doing something it can be addressed and the behavior can be corrected. If the pet is not interested in being cooperative and refuses to communicate then we have to let it go. I can only make suggestions. After that is a cooperation between both the pet and the owner that determines the outcome. Sometimes it takes several sessions to make real progress.

Are You A Psychic?

No I am not a Psychic. Some pet communicators call themselves psychics. I do not. Some say that being a pet communicator is a gift. I think I have a natural ability that makes it easier for me to communicate with pets. I have been trained in how to use those abilities so I can communicate with animals.


Can Anyone Talk to Animals

Anyone can learn to talk to animals. It’s an acquired skill. The more practice you do the clearer the communication will be. The main ingredient in communication is love.

Animals tune into us all the time. They can tell what mood we are in or what we are about to do. My dog knows when I’m going to be leaving the house. I’ve heard numerous stories, like how a cat knew it was time to eat and went to the kitchen just because her owner thought about it. Or when a dog knows their owner is coming home and goes to the door.

It’s because our pets are so open to telepathic communication, they can listen to us and talk to us. There’s no magic. It’s just a learned skill. Some people learn easier because they are already open or intuitive. Most people who are pet communicators have a profound love of animals, with an open heart to their well being and have no judgment.

I have learned these skills and can provide them to you.