Is Your Dog Trying to Tell you Something?

Are you curious to find out what your dog or cat has to tell you?


Hello. My name is Cyndi Smasal and I am a Professionally Trained Pet Communicator.

As pet parents and guardians, some of the biggest reasons we want to talk to our companions are to ask about particular actions or behaviors, solve problems or just find out more about them.

In my session with your pet I ask them over 100 questions in my 13 page questionnaire to find out things like:

  • emotionalandphysicalhealthcheckEmotional health and issues related to emotional well being
  • Physical health issues like if they are in pain and if so what it feels like
  • Fun stuff like what kind of toys they like and the activities they prefer
  • Food likes and dislikes if they are not eating or having other food issues
  • If they would like to share their philosophy of life
  • Their advice for your best living
  • If they would like to share jokes, stories or songs

Plus I will ask the specific questions you are interested in – that can address any area of concern you may have.

In addition I can . . .

  • Ask your pet about any behaviors you want to understand and what the pet needs or is willing to do if you wish certain behaviors to change
  • Help you and your pet transition after a move or work with other situations of change like an illness in a family member
  • See if your dog has a message for you
  • Find out how they feel about adding another dog or baby to the family
  • Help with well being questions after a surgery
  • Help your dog understand going to the Vet
  • Possibly detect physical problems that may require a trip to the Vet (if the pet is willing to disclose)
  • Help rescue animals with a past to release that past and move forward
  • Help foster animals understand what is happening.
  • Help you choose the right rescue dog for you and see what dog picks you
  • Help owners with pets who are dying and are looking for guidance regarding care and euthanasia decisions

Why talk to your pet?

book-consultation-250-blueWell first of all why not know better how your pet is feeling, what your pet is thinking and who your pet is at a deeper level. Also, when your pet is acting odd or appears to be in pain, you want answers. If you ignore the situation, your dog or cat could start destroying your home or suffer needlessly or it could cause tension between you and your family. When your animals’ needs are not met then suffering occurs. The suffering is not just with your animal, but you as well. By working with me to communicate with your pet you can potentially solve existing problems and prevent further troubling situations from occurring.

The best thing about talking to your pet is knowing what they need so you can give them the best life possible.


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