How To Get Started

I can work with you and your dog in several different ways.

1) You can fill out a form (email) and send me a picture of your dog and tell me what you want to ask your dog or what you want to communicate to your dog and I can communicate with your dog and then email you back.

2) You can fill out a form and send me a picture of your dog and we can talk on the phone and I can work with your dog with you on the phone.

3) If you live in San Antonio, Austin or surrounding areas, you can make an appointment and I can come to your home and work with your dog in person. There is an extra fee for travel. Fee is dependent on where you live.

To get started I need you to make the initial payment and fill out the form. Then I’ll contact you by email. After the initial session we can come up with a plan for further sessions if needed.

I have a full money back guarantee. If I cannot connect with your dog or if you feel like I am completely off with your dog I will refund your money. I am about 80% – 90% accurate so if something doesn’t sound right I will continue to work with your dog and see if I can get a clear response. Sometimes I may misinterpret what I get and I just need to ask the question in a different way. Never the less, I want you to be completely satisfied with the session so I will gladly give you your money back if you are unsatisfied for any reason.

Here’s How It Works

I will start by getting clear so I can listen and connect with your dog. I do this through music and meditation. I want my mind to be blank so that I can listen and receive the information given by your dog. The information I receive is in the form of thoughts, images and feelings.

Then I will attempt to contact your dog by looking at your picture and establish a telepathic connection. Dogs and other animals are telepathic. They can see what’s in your minds eye and feel what you are feeling. That’s why communication with pets is easier than you might think. They are open to receive and send communication.

To illustrate how it works think of a radio station. We cannot see the air waves but we can hear what is being sent over the radio. The radio station is the sender and your radio is the receiver. It is the same with communicating with your dog. Your dog is the sender and I am the receiver and the sender of the communication back and forth with your dog. The distance does not matter. I use your picture to make the connection. Since the information I receive is very simple and it can be in various forms, I may have to interpret what I receive in the best way I can.

I will ask your dog a few ice breaker questions and get a sense of your dogs personality to see if I am communicating with your dog and to see if your dog is willing to communicate with me. I’ll check with you to see if I have the personality correct and answers to my ice breaker questions are correct.

Then I will take your questions and begin to work with your dog in a simple way to find out what you want to know and give your dog an opportunity to communicate anything they want to say to you.

I do this by listening with my mind and heart then I write it down so that I have a clear record of what was communicated.

If we are working by email I will give you a transcript of what was communicated. If we are working over the phone or in person I will write it down and then tell you what I got from the interaction and we will work from there.

If we are working over the phone or in person your dog may or may not respond physically to my communication. This is perfectly normal.

That’s it. Pretty simple.