About Cyndi

CyndiAndNormanThe path to being a Pet Communicator started in 2003 when my dog Norman was sick with arthritis and healing from past liver damage. I always had a strong connection with him but spending 2 years healing him from liver disease had created an even stronger bond. When his arthritis got too bad and he had trouble getting up and down stairs and going outside I decided to talk to a Pet Communicator to see if it was time to let him go.

I worked with a Pet Communicator and had the best experience hearing a specific message from Norman to me and then a message for others that came for my book I wrote about healing Norman from liver disease. That experience changed my life and planted the seed for being a Pet Communicator myself.

In 2012 I finacynditekaeliza-smlly accepted the calling for being a Pet Communicator and began my training. I’ve been professionally trained and certified as a Pet Communicator and I continue working with and learning from several Master Animal Communicators and Healers. It is a lifelong training program that I will continue to enjoy.

I started by talking to my own pets and then I offered to talk to all of my friends and families animals. With every conversation I learn more about the craft and I learn more about our companion animals.

The funniest conversation I’ve had so far is from my neighbors’ dog Nakita. I asked her to tell me something I don’t know about her and she said “I’m funny.” Then she proceeded to tell me a joke.

She said “Why did the cat come over to play? To get eaten.” I couldn’t stop laughing. Later when I told my neighbor Gina about the joke she had a strange look on her face and then she told me that someone had once dumped a box of kittens in her yard and Nakita killed all but one of the kittens.

I believe our pets really do want to talk to us. I had one pet parent contact me about her dog who was peeing on the carpet. When I connected with that dog he said he was waiting to talk to me and that he was the one who got his owner to contact me.

General Information

cyndi-006-facebookI’m a regular person. I don’t walk around talking to animals like Dr. Dolittle.

I’ve been into computers since I was 16 years old.

I graduated college with a B.S. in Computer Science.

I had a career in Software Quality Assurance for 15 years and I’ve done Internet Marketing for 12 years.

I was born and raised in San Antonio Texas. I lived in Wimberley Texas for 6 years, I lived in Austin Texas for 4 years and I currently live in San Antonio.

I’m a Christian.

I’m mostly a dog person. I’ve had 6 dogs in my life so far. I currently have 3 dogs. I have a 10 year old black Lab mix named Ty Baby. I have an 11 year old Boxer mix named Biscuit and I have a new 5 month old Norfolk Terrier mix puppy named Joy.

I had a deaf autistic cat named Calvin for 17 years. And I take care of 3 Ferrel cats that live around my house.

I don’t have children so my dogs are my kids.

I’ve studied Canine Nutrition and I’m currently involved in an Education Program for Animal Health Coaching. Since writing my book on liver disease in dogs I’ve been helping pet parents heal their dog with liver disease. Now I want to expand that knowledge and help more dogs with health problems like arthritis, kidney disease and even cancer.

HopeForHealing_4I’m the author of “Hope for Healing Liver Disease in Your Dog“. I’ve helped thousands of pet parents who had dog’s that were sick from some form of liver disease.




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