Here are some of the testimonials and endorsements I have received from the pet parents of the animals I have worked with.

[blockquote cite=”Selva Czarnecki (Vilcabamba, Ecuador)” type=”left”]

TimTam“Cyndi’s read on my cat TimTam was absolutely incredible!  She sent me a transcript of their communication and it sounded just like him and his unique personality!  It was great to learn that he is there to support me in learning life lessons, and to learn what he most needs to be happy.  I have noticed some change in his problem behavior since their communication.  Cyndi is really gifted and I heartily recommend her!” Click here to read transcript[/blockquote]


[blockquote cite=”Carolyn Geil (Baton Rouge, LA)” type=”left”]bailey“I am so grateful to Cyndi for her help with my cat, Bailey. I really needed help figuring out what to do next with Bailey given all of her health issues. Cyndi was able to let me know that my cat did want to continue to live and helped me understand her needs and desires. Now almost a year later, Bailey is still doing well and loving life while managing her health issues. Cyndi is the BEST!”[/blockquote]

[blockquote cite=”Gina Munos (San Antonio, TX)” type=”left”]”I can’t believe I found someone who loves dogs as much as I do to help me with Nakita. I was at my wits end with a very sick dog, when Cyndi helped me sort out what Nakita wanted and didn’t want. She still has issues, but now I have the confidence of knowing I am acting on her wishes (which includes lots of treats and walks). I will be forever thankful to Cyndi for her guidance with Nakita!”[/blockquote]